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Kadenwood was formed to create exciting brands for the future, with both consumer and industrial products shaping CBD into a trusted, mainstream wellness category. To ensure success, Kadenwood merged a team of proven industry heavyweights in CPG marketing and innovation with a seed-to-shelf CBD farm group.

In September 2019, Kadenwood launched its collection of branded products with the goal of creating enduring brands people trust as being safe and effective. Currently we have three exciting brands in our lineup: LEVEL SELECT™ CBD, in the personal care category, Purity Preferred™ Pet CBD and Purity Organic™ CBD Teas.

In order to ensure the finest and most consistent product possible, vertical integration was key. Recently EcoGen joined the Kadenwood team, and along with Kadenwood Biosciences, we provide all brands’ CBD oil from our own U.S. hemp farms and extraction laboratories - ensuring the highest quality and purity of CBD with 0% THC. This quality is further backed by farm leadership who received the “Best CBD Farmers of 2018 Nationwide” award. Kadenwood is also partnering with government agencies to help define strong standards and regulations for CBD.

HBL Richard Carmona"Dr. Richard Carmona, the 17th Surgeon General of the United States, joined our board because we agreed with him on the need for appropriate regulation and oversight in this rapidly growing and undefined CBD market. Appropriate supply chain oversight from seed to feed is necessary as well as appropriate research into medicinal uses of CBD in order to protect the consumer. Dr. Carmona praised Kadenwood for our commitment to transparency and willingness to assist in better defining this rapidly expanding market." Erick Dickens, CEO Kadenwood