Level Select CBD Products Get NFL Quarterback Carson Palmer’s Support Among Other Athletes

Carson Palmer states that, regardless of the current policies, CBD is already found in many major league locker rooms.

Consumers can now watch Palmer alongside Steve Garvey and Ann Meyers-Drysdale in the latest Level Select commercial for their topical sports creams.

“The floodgates have opened for athletes in CBD,” says Lolo Jones, who has recently been in many interviews to discuss her advocacy for the use of CBD in the sports industry. The Olympic athlete has many other athletes that have already come forward with their endorsements, their own companies, and even collaborations. Now, former NFL quarterback, three-time Pro Bowler, and Heisman winner Carson Palmer is getting involved, putting his support behind Level Select.

Here is a full line up of the Level Select CBD products:

  • Level Select Level One Cooling Mint Sports Roll On
  • Level Select Level One Cooling Mint Sports Cream
  • Level Select Level Two Cooling Mint Sports Cream
  • Level Select Level Three Cooling Mint Sports Cream

Speaking with Yahoo Finance this morning, Palmer stated, “After playing for 15 years, I’ve got a lot of aches and pains.” He adds that he has children that he wants to play with, and this CBD product has improved his ability to “be athletic” with his activities and with his family. Explaining the benefits of CBD oil, he clarified that the product is “not a miracle drug,” but it does help with the sleeping issues, pain, and movement that he needs to carry on through his daily routines.

Every professional sports league has different perspectives on how these products should be allowed, though the voices from former players could get loud enough to make a change. For Palmer, he commented that it is already found in “every NFL, MLB, and NBA locker room right now,” and that the public has a clear misunderstanding that CBD is a drug, confusing it with the intoxicating THC that comes from marijuana and is not legal. CBD, on the other hand, is legal and Palmer states the remedies from Level Select will not show up on a drug test.

In terms of other business interests, Palmer is “not heavy in the tech world,” but he wants to be involved in things that he’s interested in. He draws the attention back to Level Select, calling it a “great partnership.”

Not wasting a moment, a commercial is already available from Level Select that features Palmer as the opening athlete. Along with Palmer, viewers will see Hall of Famer and gold medalist Ann Meyers Drysdale and ten-time National League All-Star Steve Garvey as they showcase the broad-spectrum CBD-based sports creams, which are meant to be used topically. Each one provides a short testimonial of their experience with the products. As Garvey and Meyers-Drysdale speak first, Palmer comments, “It feels like there’s a headache in my knee 24 hours a day, and Level Select was an instant game changer.”

The sports cream offers three levels of intensity, depending on the needs of the user. The treatment options vary from “everyday discomfort” at level one to “maximum strength” at level three. Palmer is featured using the level 3 formula.

Watch Palmer in the latest commercial from Level Select here:

From Kraft Foods To CBD: A Chat With Kadenwood Brands CEO Erick Dickens

By Javier Hasse, Nina Zdinjak and Alex Oleinic.

The booming U.S. CBD market is estimated to exceed $20 billion by 2024, according to BDS Analytics — a substantial jump from $1.9 billion in 2018.

As CBD becomes mainstream, companies operating in the space are establishing themselves in a new environment and are not just competing among themselves, but also with larger and older conglomerates in the industries that CBD has recently penetrated.

One way that CBD businesses are adapting to the market growth is by hiring top talent from successful companies in other industries.

Benzinga recently sat down with Erick Dickens, the co-founder and CEO of Kadenwood Brands, who prior to CBD had a successful marketing and brand management career at a number of companies, including Kraft Foods.

From Marketer To CBD Entrepreneur
Prior to entering the business world, Dickens served as a pilot and commander in the U.S. Army for eight years.

After the army, he started working in marketing at Kraft Foods, driving growth for brands like Henkel, Post Cereals, Soft Scrub, Renuzit and Right Guard.

After Kraft, Dickens moved on to LifeLock, spearheading the company’s branding and product development, which contributed to a doubling in sales and a successful IPO.

He also spent five years at King’s Hawaiian, where he helped the company double its revenue and built a marketing function and strategy from scratch.

For his efforts and a marketing career that spans over more than 20 years, Dickens was recently chosen for the inaugural Forbes CMO Next list of 50 top marketers.

Earlier this year, Dickens moved to the CBD space and co-founded Kadenwood Brands, a consumer products lifestyle company that aims to shape CBD into a trusted, mainstream wellness category.

The company’s potential for success lies in its powerful combination of professional CPG marketing and category innovation expertise — and industry-leading vertically-integrated CBD farming, Dickens said.

Kadenwood is about to launch its first collection of branded products in personal care, LEVEL SELECT.

All CBD oils under the Level Select brand use plants from the company’s U.S. hemp farms.

Click here for more information about the upcoming Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Oct. 22-23 in Chicago.

People Shape The Company
One of the pillars of Kadenwood’s success is the leadership team that established the company, Dickens told Benzinga.

“Todd [Davis, Kadenwoood’s chairman] successfully started LifeLock, defined a new category and built the brand into a household name and industry leader. Todd led the company to a successful $1-billion IPO and then a $2.3-billion sale to Symantec.”

Dickens also praised Kadenwood’s chief operations officer, Doug Weeks, who previously managed personal care businesses at Henkel and the beverage business at Kraft, where he launched the Mio drink supplement business.

“Following his role at Kraft, Doug helped start Core water, which recently sold to Keurig Dr Pepper for $525 million. Doug also started [the] Outlaw Energy and Purity Organic beverage businesses.”

One of Kadenwood’s main sources of hemp and CBD expertise is General Manager Brian Newberry, Dickens said.

“Brian Newberry is a foremost leader in the CBD space. He has built one of the nation’s largest seed-to-shelf CBD genetics, farming and processing capabilities with state-of-the-art track-and-trace.”

Successful Fundraising Without A Product
In an industry where many companies struggle to fundraise, Kadenwood has $10 million from friends and family before launching a product.

“Our $70-million pre-money valuation was based on the value of our 300 acres of farmland and new product concepts/sales projections,” the CEO said.

Dickens said he finds the industry to be favorable for fundraising, with the only challenge being people who are not familiar with what is legal and what is not; or, in other words, the difference between hemp-derived CBD and cannabis.

Plans To Go Public
In the next two years, Kadenwood plans to invest $50 million in developing its brands, after which it’s considering an IPO, Dickens said.

The company will use most of hte funds from product sales and farming operations for large-scale advertising, he said.

Kadenwood is open to considering mergers or other forms of industry consolidation, as it plans to grow its farming operations and enhance its vertical integration capabilities, the CEO said.

Dickens relies on his previous experience, saying that the current work is similar to the things he and his team have done already.

“We are not in the marijuana business. We are building national consumer branded products that will define the CBD space.”