Review: We Tried Level Select CBD Sports Cream

Minty products are 100% my thing. Before the beautiful array of cannabis products available to us, CBD or otherwise, I always experimented by combining the amazing, soothing powers of mint and weed.

Many pain relieving topicals are on the market, and their style can range from sprays and gels to creams and salves. Each one has their place and use depending on the type of pain you’re deploying it to, but this Level Select Sports Cream approaches things from a multi-step angle, so you can grab the product that is right for your concern. 

Similar to Mineral Ice, Biofreeze or Icy Hot type products, but super-charged with CBD, I tried Level 2. This level is a 600mg CBD formulation, with potent mint and menthol in a creamy base. The formula sinks in quite well, and the smell doesn’t linger long enough to reek like medicinal cream, but the cooling effect stays for a good stretch of time.

Since these products are in three “levels” of CBD strength, the lower levels are good for soreness and general aches, whereas the higher levels are more suited to moderate-to-severe pain issues. The 600mg Level 2 formulation worked decently on an injured neck, providing enough temporary relief to continue working, and knocked out post-gym soreness pretty well. 

Having not tried Level 3, I can’t speculate, but it seems like it would be a more appropriate choice for serious pain, while the 600mg Level 2 was only a temporary relief.

This brand claims a full spectrum and nano CBD mixture, and is lab tested. And while many brands label “no THC” as a boon, as a cannabis advocate it’s actually a strike—minuscule amounts of THC should be present in full spectrum cannabis oil, even hemp. 

While we understand people’s fear of drug testing and intoxication, neither can occur through the use of topicals, so when brands indulge in that fear versus educating consumers, it only continues the divide that delays access to others. 

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